Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maid of Honor Attire

My sister, my mother and I are going shopping on Wednesday so my sister can find and order her Maid of Honor(MOH) gown. Since she is the MOH, she will be distinguished from the other bridesmaids by wearing a different syle gown in a different color (light pink). I love the affect of this in pictures, and since she is 10 years younger (literally) than the rest of us, I thought a different dress would be more appropriate. While all of the other lovely ladies are wearing dresses from the J. Crew Occassions Cotton Cady Collection in brown, she is currently favoring these little numbers(in light pink):

This one, which for some reason turned out HUGE compared to other pictures, is her favorite choice.
This is another simple option. I like the idea of her wearing a brown sash, as all of the other girls will wear pink ones. I have a cute broach I would give her to add to the sash as well.

This picure was added to show which color her dress will be. Luckily, she likes pink too:)

All pictures taken from:http://www.jimhjelmoccasions.com/teas/index.html

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Linda said...

I love that first one!