Saturday, June 28, 2008

These and a cookie....

How cute are these (in a galvanized steel pail on ice) and a basket of cookies, individually wrapped and tied with personalized ribbon near the exit of our reception site with a sign that says "Sweet Dreams"? Personally, while a touch overdone, methinks it would be a wonderful ending to an evening (though I am a self-professed sugar fiend). I've got the baker to make my cookies (half chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips and the other half with white chocolate chips) and my graphic designer to make the sign. Now all I need is a pail and some milk....I hear Costco carries it. Anyone else offering a midnight snack at their wedding? Do tell!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frame Favors

In case you were curious, these are the frame favors that I was referring to in my earlier post. We will use these to hold the escort cards, most likely with 1 frame per guest. I got them on sale at:

Paradise Found?

I think that these cookies, featured on a weddingbee giveaway, are amoung the most adorable confections I have ever seen. Given that I am quite the conisseur, this remark was highly thought out. However, at $3.25 a pop, giving one of these to each of our 150-200 wedding guests is a bit too spendy (in addition to the other favors already purchased such as fans, bottled water and frames for escort cards). However, I noticed that Paradise Bakery, which has scrumptious cookies, has a catering menu which allows you to order 12 cookies for a mere $8.10 a box! That is less than $1 a cookie ($0.68). There would be some packaging logistics to consider, but I am contemplating ordering cookies as a midnight snack to be given to each guest as he/she departs along with a carton of milk. I would consider either A) having boxes of cookies and coolers of milk on the buses to be passed out with our fabulous monogrammed napkins or B) set out on a table by the door at the end of the night in bags tied with our personalized ribbon and a tin pail with ice/milk. Mmmm....cookies...
The cookies pictured can be purchased at The photo is taken from their website.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Band for My Man

Andrew and I have been browsing for wedding bands, and his favorite pick has surprised me a bit. I would have thought he wanted a very simple, somewhat square-edged band as he originally described. However, a few weekends ago, while browsing, we found this one, which he loved. I found it for significantly less than the jeweler's at this site:

With a 30 day return policy, perhaps we will go with an e-tailer over a brick and mortar jeweler after all. I am a bit nervous about it, but since his ring is under $500, the idea seems a bit more palatable. Anyone out there get their rings from an online jeweler? If so, how was your experience?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waverly Damask, Where Are You?

Sometimes I get myself worked up about the silliest things. The latest is the decided absence of quality damask table runners to be found for our engagement party. My friend Alexis has graciously offered to host one for us, which is just as much an excuse for her to cook up some tasty treats for a large(er) audience ( a favorite past time of hers) and for us to show off all of the yard work we have been doing/will have done by the time of the party (including a new rock/grass garden, new sod, a new pave stone patio, new flowers/mulch along our fence, a repainted front porch and a repainted/refinished back porch). So far I have secured damask invites, damask paper plates and lime green napkins/plastic utensils, but I have not been able to find the 2 damask table runners that I would like for the table inside and our outdoor dining set. I am not skilled with a Singer, so making them is out of the question. Anyone know where I can find some. Bueller? Anyone?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding Wands?!?

Our wedding site does not allow a lot of leeway as far as items to be used for introductions as husband and wife and for the end of the night exit. Fireworks, seed and rice, as well as confetti of any kind (which I believe may include rose petals) are banned. For the ceremony, we will use bubbles; I ordered the plain white kind and have tied personalized ribbon with our names and wedding day around each one. The exit is a bit trickier; I don't want to overuse bubbles. I loooove sparklers for a midnight exit, but again, these are banned. Today I came upon the idea of ribbon wands. The jury is still out on these. Would anyone really wave them? Would they photograph well at midnight? And, would I have time to make them? The site below has a beautiful product, but I am just not sure if $300+ for 50 wands can be justified.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

$20 for Pashmina

You heard me right. I got one for myself and one for my sis (MOH). With a price that low, I couldn't resist!