Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Baby!

Andrew and I have been together 4 years now, which means 4 birthdays together. I was thinking today about the evolution of those celebrations, from a big fancy dinner in his honor and cologne as a gift (Give me a break, we had only been together 2 months at that point. At least the cologne was the "boy" brand of my perfume "Romance" by Ralph Lauren, which he said he loved) to our celebration this year, which really honors Andrew and who he is.

On Thursday, the 3rd, I am going to be making a special meal for him, a la Glamour. Anyone ever heard of engagement chicken? If not, the recipe is here. .
I figure that he'll like it even though we are already engaged. I plan to serve the chicken with grilled asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. I even picked up a great white wine to complement it. This is going to be a huge surprise for him because I NEVER cook. My idea of cooking is warming up Lean Cuisine. Andrew prefers an intimate meal in to dining out, so this will really be a treat. I've already bought 50+ candles to set out to make it extra romantic.

Andrew isn't a cake fan, so I have baked his favorite, chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate chips for dessert. It works out well for us that we are both white chocolate fiends. I've made enough extra so that we can take them with us on our vacation to Steamboat Springs, CO this weekend.

In Steamboat, we are going to go with the flow. Hard for me, but his favorite way to travel. Again, I am working with his preferences here so that the weekend is really about him. We have a condo rented there for the weekend and plenty of groceries so that we can cook in. This favors his preferences and is better for my Weight Watchers diet. The only nights we will go out are the 4th for the Steamboat Rodeo/BBQ and to an Italian restaurant for the night of his birthday (which he picked). During the day we'll hike, bike and float in tubes down the Yampa River. I can't wait!

For his birthday, I also got him 2 small gifts-a new pair of bike shorts (which he needs and will be surprised to get) and Arrested Development Season 3. I even skipped the mushy card in favor of a funny one, just for him.

How have the ways that you celebrate each other's birthdays evolved since you met?

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Caitlan said...

No birthday comments, but I was also in Steamboat for the 4th (and at the rodeo no less)! Good times. :-)