Thursday, July 24, 2008


Andrew and I are not living together before we get married, which tends to raise a few eyebrows here and there. I think everyone should do what is best in their own situation, and in ours the decision is based on a variety of factors from traditional parents (my dad actually told me he would not pay for any part of our wedding if we lived together first), religion and finances (I have 2 roommates, so splitting the bills 3 ways is much more lucrative than 2). However, we are preparing for the move (Andrew recently sold his house and will move into mine), and are making slow and steady progress towards it. We've done some work in the kitchen, put sod in the yard and even built a new patio for outdoor entertaining. However, today I worked on the first project that really made me feel like it was "our house"; Andrew and I picked out paint together and today I started painting what will be our guestroom. It is a lovely taupe color called haystack. I also have to say that I put more loving attention into this project than any of the others, mostly because the nesting gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I can definitely see why it would be fun to live together already. Sigh. What is your living situation, and what are your reasons for your choice?

p.s. I will be sure to post pictures when the room is painted!!

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