Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Details Make a Big Difference

Call it what you will (The Welcome Party, The Rehearsal Dinner, The Groom's Dinner), I am as excited about the night before the wedding as the wedding itself. All of the big picture items are coming together-an outdoor tent, a bluegrass band and barbecue in a fun and beautiful location. Now for the real fun...the details. The tablecloths will be red and checkered, just how I like them and a sunflowers have been ordered as centerpieces for each table. How fun would it be to set out colored bandannas, like these, at each table; these would serve as napkins (and "green" ones at that) and souvenirs all at the same time. Since this is her event to plan,I hope my FMIL likes the idea as much as I do:)

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