Saturday, January 3, 2009

Congratulations Bridgette and Dave!

On December 29th, my friend and bridesmaid, Bridgette got engaged. Here is the very sweet story, in her words:

"We got back Saturday from a great visit home to both of our parents' houses for Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. Sunday we spent the day relaxing, then headed up to the mountains that night. Monday was spent at Keystone on the slopes. It was a beautiful, warm day with a perfectly blue sky. When we got back to the condo from skiing, Dave suggested that we take a walk before sunset. We spent time exploring the shores of Lake Dillon and the amphitheater. On our way back to the condo, Dave took my hand and turned me around toward him. He reached in his jacket and said, I've wanted to do this all day." Then there at 9,017 feet by a glorious ice-covered lake and snow-capped Rocky peaks, Dave got on one knee and asked me to married him. I, of course, said yes! Afterwards we spent the next few hours calling family and friends. That night we celebrated with dinner at Pugs Ryan and then a movie by the fireplace."

Congratulations you two! I've already had so much fun planning and dress shopping with Bridgette!

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