Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paradise Found?

I think that these cookies, featured on a weddingbee giveaway, are amoung the most adorable confections I have ever seen. Given that I am quite the conisseur, this remark was highly thought out. However, at $3.25 a pop, giving one of these to each of our 150-200 wedding guests is a bit too spendy (in addition to the other favors already purchased such as fans, bottled water and frames for escort cards). However, I noticed that Paradise Bakery, which has scrumptious cookies, has a catering menu which allows you to order 12 cookies for a mere $8.10 a box! That is less than $1 a cookie ($0.68). There would be some packaging logistics to consider, but I am contemplating ordering cookies as a midnight snack to be given to each guest as he/she departs along with a carton of milk. I would consider either A) having boxes of cookies and coolers of milk on the buses to be passed out with our fabulous monogrammed napkins or B) set out on a table by the door at the end of the night in bags tied with our personalized ribbon and a tin pail with ice/milk. Mmmm....cookies...
The cookies pictured can be purchased at The photo is taken from their website.

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