Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding Wands?!?

Our wedding site does not allow a lot of leeway as far as items to be used for introductions as husband and wife and for the end of the night exit. Fireworks, seed and rice, as well as confetti of any kind (which I believe may include rose petals) are banned. For the ceremony, we will use bubbles; I ordered the plain white kind and have tied personalized ribbon with our names and wedding day around each one. The exit is a bit trickier; I don't want to overuse bubbles. I loooove sparklers for a midnight exit, but again, these are banned. Today I came upon the idea of ribbon wands. The jury is still out on these. Would anyone really wave them? Would they photograph well at midnight? And, would I have time to make them? The site below has a beautiful product, but I am just not sure if $300+ for 50 wands can be justified.

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Linda said...

Those would be pretty easy to DIY. Perhaps add a metallic color so it would catch better in the light so it would show up better in the dark.