Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waverly Damask, Where Are You?

Sometimes I get myself worked up about the silliest things. The latest is the decided absence of quality damask table runners to be found for our engagement party. My friend Alexis has graciously offered to host one for us, which is just as much an excuse for her to cook up some tasty treats for a large(er) audience ( a favorite past time of hers) and for us to show off all of the yard work we have been doing/will have done by the time of the party (including a new rock/grass garden, new sod, a new pave stone patio, new flowers/mulch along our fence, a repainted front porch and a repainted/refinished back porch). So far I have secured damask invites, damask paper plates and lime green napkins/plastic utensils, but I have not been able to find the 2 damask table runners that I would like for the table inside and our outdoor dining set. I am not skilled with a Singer, so making them is out of the question. Anyone know where I can find some. Bueller? Anyone?

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Pammy said...

I can't tell from your more recent posts if you have had your engagement party yet, but here are some Damask runners on sale from Etsy.
I am using damask for my wedding and I found your site when searching for images for my inspiration board.