Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School Rules...

Especially is you are putting together favors for the littlest attendees at your wedding. Target has crayons on sale for $0.22! That is less than 1 cent per crayon in a box of 24!

So far, I have picked up the following for the kids. Each favor will consist of 1 of each of the following:

  • Natural colored mini-totes at Michael's $0.38

  • Box of crayons (Crayola, 24 pack) $0.22

  • Doodle Pad from Target $1.09

  • Slinky (8/$2.50) about $0.30 each

Cost per bag so far $1.99. Not too bad. I think I will add a juice box and some sort of pre-packaged crackers or cookies (bought in bulk at Sam's Club) and call it a day. The grand total per kid should come in under $3.

To add to the cutesy factor, I also bought foam punch outs in the shape of stars/crowns (in our wedding colors) and ribbon to tie them onto the bags. On each tag, I will write each child's name in silver stickers.

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