Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Green Housing

We are doing everything we can to host a "green" wedding". We are haviing the ceremony/reception at the same (outdoor) venue, we are using charter buses to transport guests, we are donating the flowers as a way to recycle them, and are printing less programs (1 for every 2 guests), etc. One of the best additions to our green wedding line-up is the Boulder Outlook Hotel. The Boulder Outlook has the following green features: a non-chlorinated pool and a zero-waste philosophy (our florist is also zero-waste). Even better, guests can walk from the hotel to the welcome dinner site (it's .75 miles). My mom and I stayed there recently when she was in town and were pretty satisfied overall. I enjoyed the bouldering rocks and mom liked the hot tub. If I had more time there, and hadn't just gotten my own, I might have rented one of their "cruiser" style bikes to explore Boulder on. I was also wishing Teddy were around, as the Boulder Outlook has pet-friendly rooms. Finally, they have an "adventure concierge", which is excellent for many of our guests who are outdoor-oriented. I am super excited about this lodging option for guests, which is also very reasonable (at about $100 per night without a wedding discount). Anyone else find sweet lodging for their out-of-town guests?


Jonathan Bailor said...

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Kara said...

Our guests are staying at the Outlook, too. :)