Monday, April 21, 2008

Eye Candy

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Andrew and I decided on a less traditional route for an engagement ring. He was against the idea of financing anything, and I stood by that choice. I told him I would be fine with a band first and a ring later, and he did the rest (much later than I would have liked-he he!) We hope to be able to plan the wedding without debt and to begin our marriage debt free. engagement ring is actually a white gold, channel set (with filigree) diamond and sapphire wedding band (I promise to add a picture soon!). And my wedding ring will look like...the one above (top ring, round stone without the matching band)? This is the first ring that Andrew and I have both fallen in love with. It is by precision set, so it actually sits flush with my band, and has filigree detail just like my e-ring. The only difference is that my wedding ring will be in platinum (I'm too clumsy for soft white gold, even though I like its shine and weight better!). Andrew has made it clear that he gets to pick it out without any help, though I am allowed to weigh in;) I am looking forward to see what he picks out and to that extra special surprise on our big day! Has anyone else gone a non-traditional route when choosing an engagement or wedding ring?
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aletha @ pearls events said...

No joke--my ring looks VERY similar that yours! Check it out: and then the band sits flush beneath it!

Jenna said...

I found my ring through an online antique jeweler. I love that it's old, and beat up, and a little bit muddy looking. And I love the moment when we opened the package and looked at the ring together, and both fell in love with it at the same time :)