Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gifts For My Gals

Since many of my best gals have never been BMs, I wanted to make their first experience a positive one. Translation-they are going to be very spoiled!!

When they arrive, the BMs, GMs and their dates will be picked up at the airport in the 3 cargo vans (15 passenger) we have rented and will be whisked away to beautiful Estes Park and the cabins we have reserved for them there.

The lovely ladies will each receive one of these reusable grocery bags, which I found at Target. Since we are having a Colorado wedding, and Andrew and I are certified "greenies", I thought this gift would be great from our hearts to theirs...

Now for the inside of the bag....

And on a green note, but a practical one, as Colorado is VERY dry and you must drink A TON of water when you are here, each BM will receive a Nalgene bottle (very Colorado and also very environmental) in their favorite color, like so....

Additionally, in their favorite color will be a pair of the ever affordable, ever useful, Old Navy flip flops (purchased and image from I am proud of myself because I got them on sale!

Because I found them on sale at Target, and because I am a sucker for a good theme, I got the girls brown enamel frames with pink/green polka dots to add to their bags. This is not the exact frame, but is also adorable. It can be found at
I thought the bags were a fun, on vacation, summer-campish gift, which will be appropriate because we are staying at a summer camp!! The bags will also include each BMs favorite treat.
On a more formal note, the girls will each be receiving one of these to wear on the wedding day. I bought them at which is where this image is from. Thank you economic stimulus! I almost had enough to cover all 7!

And, the fun does not stop there. On the night of the rehearsal dinner, along with their pearls, the girls will all receive a letter than says a day of pampering has been planned in their honor. They will be treated to a brunch at the Dunshabe Teahouse, a mani/pedi at ten20 and will receive a $50 gift certificate toward getting their hair done. It will be an entire afternoon of pampering before our 7:00p.m. ceremony.

What do you think? How did I do?


Jenna said...

Are you taking BM applications? I would love to be one of yours. They are going to love this!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

wow! i agree with jenna (thanks to jenna by the way for the great new blog find!) - i'd love to be treated this way if i was a bridesmaid!

aletha @ pearls events said...

LOL--I was going to say the same thing. I would LOVE to be in your wedding party :) You are totally spoiling your girls and they are going to LOVE IT!