Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here Come the Bridesmaids.....

So, I know that every bride says this, but I really do want my 'maids to look and feel their best on my wedding day, and I want them to do so in dresses that fit their personal styles and figures best. No cookie cutter BMs here. I've decided on choosing a designer, a fabric, a color and a length, and letting the girls choose from there. Right now, there are two places I am looking to to find the perfect dresses to make my girls look as dazzling as they are......

J. Crew, how I adore you. I have shopped in your store since college, and your clean lines and classic styles never cease to tickle my fancy. And, best of all, you have many dresses that are not taffeta, thus increasing the chances that they might be worn again....

Ideally, though not necessarily, there would be 2 BMs in each of these dresses, with my MOH wearing her choice of dress with a pink sash/sparkling broach to set her apart.

First up, Daisy. Simple, classic and clean......This would look great on just about anyone with it's flattering waistline and A-line skirt.

Next, and possibly my favorite, is Lydia. Flirty with a touch of retro. I'll bet this one is fun for twirling in.

Last but not least, Camilla. The ever popular strapless gown. It's hard to see in such a small picture, but the gathering at the waist is just too cute!

First three dresses courtesy of http://www.jcrew.com/.

J. Crew pros-these dresses are the cutest! These do not look like BM dresses and could definitely be worn again.
J. Crew cons-More expensive than other dresses ($225-255) and no storefront to try them on.

Next up is the ubiquitous David's Bridal. Since my best gals are scattered all over, it would be nice for everyone to be able to try them on in person. That, and dresses are much more reasonable than J. Crew ($180 is the most expensive dress).

Very similar to Lydia, only in taffeta. One of the 'maids commented that it was a bit "busty", but I think the fit would flatter almost everyone.

I love the sweetheart neckline on this dress! It's hard to see in this picture, but the bodice is ruched, which is always very flattering!

This next one is like Daisy, with a bit more cleavage, but is still classy. I am picturing my MOH sis in this with the sash as pictured, and a sparkly broach on the sash. I will give these to her as my gifts (in addition to others that she and the BMs will get).
Second batch courtesy of www.davidsbridal.com. I love their "favorites" and their "dress your wedding party" features!
Pros for David's- are the national locations and prices.
Cons for David's-are that the dresses look very bridal (read taffeta) and alterations can be spendy.
What do you think? Does either option strike you as being better than the others? Ultimately, I will let the girls decide. We started voting yesterday! I will be curious to see what they think!

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Anonymous said...

Hey--found you on Weddingbee.

I went the J.Crew route for a number of reasons:

1.) My dress is from there, and it's crazy comfortable--I loooove the silk tricotine.

2.) The very high rewearability factor

Yes, they are more expensive than a David's Bridal dress, but they are also made of a better fabric, are breathable, and since they come in petite sizes do not generally need to be hemmed, saving much money on alterations.

I am wearing the Lydia in black for a friend's wedding this summer, and the dress is adorable--the cotton is crisp and totally makes the dark color less severe.

Feel free to leave a message on my blog if you have any questions--I've become a regular J.Crew wedding expert! :-)