Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girls in Brown Dresses with Pink Satin Sashes

So...the bridesmaids dresses are in! I couldn't have planned it better. There are 3 styles and 6 girls, and 2 chose each dress without any suggestion for me! This was wonderful as I tend to be...ahem...minorly obsessive (okay very obsessive) about bizarre things like symmetry that I am sure no one else notices.

Here is 1 of the styles:

I love the dresses and so do the girls! The construction is high quality, the fabric is a nice blend of dressy/casual and, best of all...the dresses have pockets! However, when I thought of these dresses next to mine, it seemed like they might need a little something...

To dress them up a bit and to define waistlines in high-waisted dresses, I ordered these sashes in pearl pink from David's Bridal:

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Did you add anything to your bridesmaids' dresses once you saw them in person?

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