Friday, October 10, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Love Andrew

Andrew has been out of town for the last few weekends, and off an on during the week for work. In honor of his actually being home this weekend, I thought I'd write a post about the top 10 things I love about Andrew:

10. He is always good to his family; he has driven hours to Santa Fe in the middle of the night to visit his sister when she needed him, used vacation time to help his father build a cabin and adores is mother.

9. He is so wonderful with our dog that I know he will make a wonderful father if we decide to have a family of our own.

8. I rarely, if ever, hear him say anything negative about anyone.

7. He often surprises me with thoughtful words, actions and gifts.

6. I love the hobbies we do share (running and reading ) and the fact that we also have separate hobbies of our own.

5. He is so good to my friends...

4. And even better to me.

3. He is so handy...I swear that he can fix anything!

2. He knows all of me and loves me anyway!

1. He knows my hopes and dreams and always supports them (and has amazing hopes and dreams of his own that he allows me to support too).

I am so excited to be his wife and hope to show him every day that I love him!

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