Thursday, March 6, 2008

Love Is....

While there are many cute options for brides-to-be, many of them are limited to the days leading up to the wedding, or the day of the wedding itself. For example, I ordered this shirt from, and I love it:

However, you can see that this shirt will no longer apply after my bachelorette party/wedding day, which are the two occasions when I plan to wear it. Enter this beauty:

How adorable is that? I plan to wear it on our honeymoon. And Jen, the owner/designer of Wifeville (, has many a witty saying about the wearer of the T. Here is what she says about "Wife Sweet Wife":

" If you could stream your wedding video at work you would. The part where he calls you cupcake and you tell him he’s your sugar? It’s the best. In fact, if you could rebroadcast it at home every night, you would – but Mondays would be contentious. If your hubby complains, remind him he can catch SportsCenter reruns, but after you hit the sack. He can indulge his Tom Brady Mancrush on his own time. You do. "

Strangely accurate....

She also has this one(among many others), which I adore:

I am definitely giving one of these out at the next shower I attend. So much more fun than a strainer or a frying pan....And cuter too!