Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tree Huggers' Delight

There are few things about our wedding that Andrew and I readily agreed upon. I wanted the colors to be pink and brown, he wanted green and brown. I won. He wanted a live band, I wanted a dj. We are in the process of researching bands. One thing that we both agreed upon, however, is that we both wanted to get married outdoors. And, being lovers of nature, we both agreed that an eco-friendly wedding was the only way to go.

The "From Our Hearts" link on our web page (www.mackandtrap.weddingwindow.com/index.cfm?fa=fromourhearts ) explains the green elements of our wedding that I will describe below:

  • We are holding our ceremony and our reception at the same venue to cut down on transportation and emissions:

Photo credits and information http://www.lionscrestmanor.com/ .

  • We have reserved blocks of rooms for our guests at the Boulder Outlook Hotel, a zero-waste facility:

Photo credits and information http://www.boulderoutlook.com/ .

  • We have chartered buses to and from the Boulder Outlook to the wedding site in order to cut down on emissions (We also want to provide safe transportation for guests who may have partied a little too hard :) :

Photo credits and information http://www.ramblinexpress.com/ .
  • Our florist, Boulder Blooms, is also a zero-waste company. (They are participating in a composting pilot program too!) After the wedding, we will re-use our centerpieces and floral arrangements by donating them to a local hospice (Our florist is co-coordinating this for us; Theresa is amazing!).

Photo credits and information http://www.boulderblooms.com/ .

  • And, I did not post this on our website because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but we will be having a unity tree ceremony in lieu of a unity candle since our ceremony is outdoors (Basically, our mothers will each bring us a watering can and we will water a potted pine tree together that we will later plant in the yard of our new home). As a favor for our guests ,and to continue the theme, we will give them these trees from the Green World Project (tied with a pink bow to match our wedding colors):

    Photos credits and information: http://greenworldproject.net/wedding2.htm.

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