Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ridiculous But True

I am a very detail oriented person.
This is a fact that I take great pride in .
However, planning a wedding has taken this attention to detail to a whole new (and likely obnoxious) level. The other day while browsing Michael's (they had a FABULOUS sale on frames and baskets, both of which I needed guessed it...the wedding), I found myself agonizing over the pens for the guestbook table for my wedding...that is 15 months away. In any case, while browsing the other day, I came across this ingenious idea posted by blogger and fellow bride-to-be, Miss Hydrangea. It seems that Sharpie carries markers that you can personalize, which will be perfect for our special guestbook (more on that to come). my lunch break found me ordering 6 of these babies, with our name and wedding date, and a wedding bells logo on the back. For photo credits and more information, please see
Next item left to agonize about....the guest book table arrangement. Gaaahhh! Brides-to-be beware, this could happen to you too:)

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