Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chair Sashes on the Cheap

Picture guests walk up to the venue, they will be greeted by a gurgling fountain, dotted with pink and white Gerber Daisies...Just past the fountain will be a sign (ala Mrs. Petunia of Wedding Bee fame) that says "This way to the wedding" in our colors. As guests arrive at the ceremony site, they will find a table with 3 baskets arranged in ascending order, one containing sunscreen, another containing bubbles and another containing pink and brown fans. Next to these baskets will be a framed sign that says "Please help yourself" in our wedding font/colors to match our stationery. As guests face the aisle, the backs of the last row of chairs will be tied with the brown organza ribbon pictured above. 54 sashes were a steal at $77 total with shipping (rounded). Yes, that is $1.42 a piece! I got them at On either side of the aisle will be pink stock flowers in large galvanized pails. Walking up the aisle, guests will see small pails of pink Gerber Daisies arranged loosely in miniature galvanized pails, hanging from the chairs by brown satin bows. An arch decorated with pink flowers will mark the altar. Guests will find a program (more on that later) and personalized water (more later on that too) at each seat. I hope it will look as lovely as I picture it in my mind. How are you decorating your ceremony site?

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