Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner Update

When we started talking about the details of our wedding, one thing that Andrew really wanted was a bluegrass band. I loved the idea, as we make an event of The Telluride Bluegrass Festival every summer, but I wasnt sure that either A-guests would actually dance to bluegrass or that B-it would fit in with the overall feel of our event. So, I decided to surprise him by finding a bluegrass band to play at our rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, he found out, but it will still be a great time!

We are hoping to hold our rehearsal dinner, which we will call a welcome party and invite all of our guests to (it is likely we will have a smaller RD after the rehearsal with just the wedding party) at The Dark Horse Bar and Grill in Boulder, CO. It basically wins for three reasons. Here I go again with the letters: A-It is inexpensive. It will cost us about $10 person to offer burgers, fries and an appetizer. We may even be able to add a keg or two in for that price. Although cheap, the food is very tasty! B-It is a great place for a live band to perform. C-Most importantly, it is within walking distance of the main hotel we plan to book for our guests. Since we are providing a shuttle to and from the wedding/reception, this means a guest could participate in all of the events without having to rent a car!

As you may or may not be able to tell, the bar is a bit of a dive. To dress it up, I will put checkered tablecloths on each table in our reserved area.

And, I plan to contact our fabulous florist, Boulder Blooms, to see about adding a sunflower centerpiece to each table for some additional flair.
What do you think? If you were a guest, would you come to our welcome party?
Also, if you are a native/local, do you know of any good bluegrass bands in Colorado?

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Kara said...

Hi! I followed your link on Weddingbee - I'm another CO bride. We just booked a bluegrass band for our wedding: Lonesome Traveler Bluegrass Band. Their myspace page is:

Hope this helps!