Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chocolatey Goodness

To say that I am obsessed with all things sweet would be a complete and total understatement. Since the beginning of our courtship, I have even managed to get my otherwise health-nut fiance on my sweet toothed bandwagon. After dinner, it is not uncommon for him to ask "What's for dessert?" I am confident that this would never have happened four years ago, and I find it simply endearing. So, when we planned our wedding, I had no doubt in my mind that we would have an extra sweet treat in addition to our lovely wedding cake. I love the idea of a candy buffet, but the idea of scouring Costco and the Internet, transporting the candy and having it set up to meet my....ahem...overly perfectionist (Yes, I admitted it!) standards did not appeal to me. The idea of personalized cookies is cute, but I find that some of the cookies that look the best are often the least tasty. I even contemplated a stand from Coldstone (and still may add it if budget allows), but in the end, I went with a chocolate fountain. I ADORE all things chocolate, and thought it might be a fun touch and a way to get people mingling. Now the question of the hour is, what flavor of chocolate? Dark chocolate is definitely out. Too bitter for me. I think the majority of people I know are not dark chocolate fans. That, and why would I want anything bitter on my wedding day (he he!). Next up is a chocolate blend. The pros? It's the best of all worlds-a blend of dark, milk and white chocolate. Sounds delish, is traditional and is bound to be popular. The cons, most of our cake (the largest layer) is chocolate. Finally, is white chocolate. The pros? Unique, won't be as conspicuous on the dress if I *happen* to spill and it is FI's and my FAVORITE chocolate. The cons? Probably not as popular with the masses. What do you think? Chocolate blend or white chocolate? Please vote and help me to decide!

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Jenna said...

White chocolate is so much better than milk, and no one ever uses it. So you will get to have something extra delicious AND you will be unique and wow your guests with your creativity!