Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and Marriage

With the much anticipated release of "Sex and the City" on Friday, I found myself reminiscing....Over the years, the ladies on "Sex" came to feel like friends, so much so that I can imagine nearly every friendly foursome has discussed who would be who if they were to be characters on the show. Many who know me personally will not be surprised; both my peer groups and an Internet quiz ( have confirmed that I am a "Charlotte". I started thinking that one could even describe her wedding day personality in terms of the "Sex and the City" crew. If you had to pick, whose wedding is yours most like?

Carrie's wedding has not happened yet (or may never happen, according to press releases/interviews about the movie), but the released photos suggest that it will be just like her sense of style-uber modern, quirky and edgy with a romantic twist. I am picturing a slightly raw urban space-(a loft perhaps?), a modern gown (shown below), a martini bar (maybe made out of carved ice) and bridesmaids and guests alike in couture. I am envisioning formality without stuffiness, class with a modern edge. My wedding is likely to be the least like Carrie's, as I am a sucker for classic designs and we opted to get married in the mountains in the country over having a city wedding in Denver. While her wedding will be gorgeous, it's just not me.

Miranda's wedding is the wedding I wish I could have. I love her practical, down-to-earth attitude and the simplicity of it all. With 40 members in my immediate family alone (including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) it was never likely that I would have such an intimate affair. Plus, to be honest, I am a Charlotte, you know?

Charlotte's second wedding is also a sight to behold with a more modern dress, a more intimate gathering, etc. However, her wedding still has the same over the top flair that you would expect from Charlotte and her wedding coordinator, Anthony. My favorite part of this wedding is that Charlotte realizes that the perfect marriage is more important than the perfect wedding. I hope that I can really remember this throughout the planning process and will take it to heart when issues arise on the wedding day.

I love Charlotte's first wedding to Trey. It was classic, elegant and every detail was accounted for. Her classic Tiffany solitaire seems to embody the spirit of the day. Out of all of the "Sex and the City" weddings, I believe that mine has the most in common with this one, down to the fact that my father is threatening to wear his dress kilt (Yes, he has one that he wears to Scottish Society Balls-shudder.) .
So ladies, I asked is before and I'll ask it again...Which wedding is yours most like?

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