Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bling Bling

Andrew is an adept romantic, and his proposal did not disappoint. I arrived home from a musical with my mother to find my house aglow with candles galore. I followed the candles downstairs to a table with a card on top. The last line of the card read "and I know I want to spend my life with you". As I read the card, Andrew stepped forward from the hallway with a bouquet of calla lilies (my favorite flowers that will be included in my bridal bouquet) and asked me to marry him.

The ring is actually what most people would consider to be a wedding band. It is channel set diamonds and sapphires in white gold with a filigree border. I told Andrew that I did not want him to worry about the ring; I just wanted to be engaged to the man of my dreams. Because he recently started a business, I did not want him to add an additional bill or financial burden to his life; I just wanted him to officially be mine! He will pick out a larger diamond for me and will give it to me on our wedding day. I am excited for what I am sure will be a perfect ring( I adore his taste and he has had plenty of coaching!) and a lovely surprise on our wedding day!

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