Friday, February 15, 2008

Love (and Valentine's Day)

How do I love my venue? Let me count the ways....

As any bride-to-be knows, planning a wedding can place a major strain on one's budget. The usual upscale dinner and huge bouquet are often expenses to be spared for an engaged couple. That is why I LOVE our venue, Lionscrest Manor. Each year, they host a "Sweetheart Tasting" for couples who will be wed at their venue. The tasting is from 6-9 and includes a cocktail hour, a sit-down meal, dessert and dancing. The best part is that it is completely FREE and the vendors providing services at the tasting are the same ones the venue works with for their all-inclusive package. What a great way to get a vendor preview and to see what the hall looks like all dressed up.

We decided to celebrate by going to the tasting tonight. I can't wait! And, we used the $ we saved on V-Day to get a hotel room in gorgeous Estes Park, so we can go snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday.

And, in case you wondered, Andrew came through with a gift anyway. A beautiful black dress from Banana Republic and a bouquet of 12 pink (my favorite color) roses awaited me last night when I got home from work. I'm going to wear it tonight!

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