Thursday, February 14, 2008

Choosing a Venue

Like any overly organized, slightly perfectionist, wedding-obsessed bride-to-be, I set out to find our wedding venue almost immediately after becoming engaged. Luckily, my fiance is one of the world's top 3 most patient, understanding and tolerant people and he humored this whim of mine.

Though I am not getting married until June 2009, I was determined to get the majority of the wedding details in place by August 2008, as I hope to be accepted into an administrative licensure program next year; if I am, I will be working and going to school full-time. I did not feel like adding the stress of planning a wedding onto an already packed schedule would be a wise choice for me (or my waistline or my pocketbook, for that matter). So, Andrew and I set out in late August 2007.

There are so many beautiful places to get married in Colorado that it was hard to know where to start! Both Andrew and I agreed, however, that we wanted to get married outdoors, and that we would like to hold the ceremony/reception in the same place in order to have a more "green" wedding (by cutting out transportation and such between the sites) . This narrowed our options down a bit. We also wanted to get married in a place that was no further than an hour from the airport; I didn't like the idea of guests flying in and then having a long drive to the area where our wedding would be held.

In the end, we chose Lionscrest Manor in Lyons, Colorado( We reasoned that it was near Boulder, a great place for guests who had never been to Colorado to stay(and it met my driving distance criteria). We (Or I should say I, since I knew I would do the majority of the planning.) also loved the all-inclusive package, that seemed to make wedding planning a breeze (It certainly didn't hurt that the majority of the vendors were on the Knot's "best of" lists for Colorado, with our venue consistenly being voted the "best of" Colorado).

I have to say that Lionscrest has been the best choice we have made so far! The have been super organized (they sent me a folder with a timeline for planning, list of vendors, ideas, etc.), the vendors we have chosen have been amazing to work with (and are used to working together, making a co-ordinator unnecessary), and are even hosting a *free* sweetheart tasting tomrrow for all couples being married there which includes drinks, food, decorations and music from their all-inclusive vendors. Andrew and I are so excited! The tasting will be a great way to celebrate V-Day without having to spend anything, which is a blessing for newly engaged couples saving for a wedding!

So, for all of you Colorado brides out there...I highly recommend Lionscrest Manor!
Also, a tip for all of you other Type-A brides....if you are planning your wedding in advance (We were 21 months out at the beginning), don't hesistate to book with your vendors early! I saved about $1,000 by putting a deposit down because I am being charged for the 2007 rates (even though I will get married in 2009)!

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