Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting Lucky (in love) in Kentucky....(Or How it All Began)

"Are you Italian?" These are the first words that my now fiance said to me. You might find this hilarious if we were to meet, as I am very Irish (I am named Erin, after all) and I very much look the part. Nevertheless, Andrew is quite taken by Italian women, and I can see how I might have passed for one that day with my deep tan (for once in my life), freshly dyed chocolate brown hair and trendy new shoes that were by (you guessed it) an Italian designer.Though our first conversation was relatively uneventful, the remainder of that weekend would change my life in a way I could have never predicted at the time.

When Andrew and I had our first conversation, we were sitting( actually, I was sitting and he was standing) at the kitchen table at our friend Paul's parents' house in Louisville, Kentucky. We had both come in for the weekend(among other friends of Paul's) to partake in the annual Kentucky Derby festivities. I was just starting with Teach for America and Andrew had met Paul at Accenture Consulting, where they were in a start group together. I was not looking for love and Andrew was just beginning his life in Denver. However, fate had other plans for us.

The next day, we were separated from our group of friends on the infield of the Derby. Having left my cell phone at Paul's (it was supposed to rain and I didn't want to lose 2 phones to water damage in 2 months), I panicked and told Andrew not to lose me. He didn't. We spend the day together and I had an amazing time getting to know this fabulous man. When it started pouring after the first few races, we ran through the rain, laughing and splashing in puddles. Spontaneously, Andrew pulled me toward him and kissed me. The next day, before parting, we discussed trying to make a long distance relationship work. It did and we got engaged nearly 3 years later.

I decided to start this blog as a way to chronicle the next journey that Andrew and I will take together-planning our future together and the big day that will join us as man and wife- our wedding. The name of the blog, Mint to Be Together, comes from the famous unofficial beverage of the Derby, the mint julep, which I plan to serve at the cocktail hour of our wedding.

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