Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exercise and Fun

The sweetheart tasting on Friday was a blast! It was wonderful to see all of our vendors in action and to see how well put together the whole place looked. We sampled appetizers (including a cute and delcious salad in a martini glass with a sugar rim), drank wine, ate from the gorgeous and scrumptious buffet, hovered around the chocolate fountain and even took some free dance lessons(okay...we waited until they were over to get onto the dance floor, but we did get a few good slow dances in)! I'll post pictures soon:) All I know, is that after spending last night at the tasting with Andrew, I am even more excited to get married!

But...what I really meant to write about was snowshoeing! After the tasting, Andrew and I spent the night in Estes Park and spent today snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). RMNP is breathtaking; if you ever find yourself in Colorado, I highly recommend that you visit. In any case, we took in gorgeous views, ran through a majestinc snowfall, and ended the day on a sweet note by holding hands.

Snowshoeing is amazing exercise! It is basically like hiking, but the fact that you are walking through snow adds extra resistance (read extra calories burned). Not only that, but it is such a peaceful way to spend an afternoon. If you've never been, it's another activity that I highly recommend. Here is a link to a site if you want to read more about it: Happy trails!

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